Paul S. Heirendt is Co-Founder & Chief Technology Evangelist for Skejul – an AI Platform that is a new way to plan and manage your life. You pick the people – and Skejul determines the best date, time and place for everyone without exposing anyone’s private information.

Mr. Heirendt is an Internet and Web Services pioneer, founded a BBS for musicians in Southern California, and developed a popular game for the Commodore 64 in the early 80s. At a Fortune 125 Corporation, ran Global Sales, Business Development and Electronic Product Development and on the Founding Team for the largest Internet Subscription Service for Physicians. On the Founding Team of 2 startups acquired by WebMD and a healthcare technology startup; the co-founder of one of the leading voice biometrics companies, and is involved in several other startups in St Louis, Denver and Silicon Valley as a board member or advisor.

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