Scott Penberthy is the Healthcare and Life Sciences CTO at Google Cloud, a PhD graduate of the University of Washington and MIT. Dr. Scott serves on the board of the AI in Precision Oncology Journal, the Lustgarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer, and the ClinPGx Board. Scott also sits on technical advisory boards at Stanford University and Harvard University.

At Google, Scott uses AI to discover new cancer drugs, diagnose conditions before they’re evident, and eliminate pyjama time for oncologists. We all deserve to live longer, healthier lives without the scourge of cancer.

Cancer will soon become a manageable condition, powered by our ability to understand, debug and repair the source code of life itself. Therapeutics also become code, customized to the individual, powered by nanoscale physics analyzed by hyperscale AI.

The trick? Scott uses AI to model our lives and data as tensors, essentially high-dimensional versions of cubes, trapezoids and more. Healthy lives are paths through these shapes, where machines detect when we drift, and then suggest simple actions to keep us moving forward, feeling great and staying healthy.