As a trusted advisor to CXOs of several Fortune 500 companies, Shashank has helped leaders across the globe to disrupt and transform their businesses using the power of Data Analytics and AI. He strives to inspire businesses to adopt a data-driven culture focused on achieving tangible business outcomes. He is the founder and acting CEO of Infocepts, a leader in the Data Analytics and AI space for more than 18 years. Infocepts leverages the power of  Data and AI to bridge the gap between the worlds of business & analytics. As a firm that enables business efficiency, optimization, and growth through the effective use of data, user-friendly analytics, and AI, Infocepts partners with its clients to resolve the most common & complex challenges standing in their way.

During his stint as a CEO, InfoCepts has grown to be a global consulting firm while retaining the expertise of a specialized partner.  InfoCepts was started in 2004 with about ten associates, and today, it has scaled to 1500+ associates. Infocepts has been named Customers’ Choice for Data Analytics Service Providers by Gartner and is a Great Place to Work certified. Shashank fosters a work environment that promotes continuous learning and growth while embracing spontaneity, humor, and playfulness.

Outside of his professional life, Shashank is an active member of TIE, the world’s largest network of entrepreneurs, where he mentors early-stage start-ups. As a fitness enthusiast and avid runner, he sponsors marathons and runs his NGO to encourage many to run for fitness.  He has an M.E. from the University of Maryland and a B.E. from VNIT College, India.

Shashank is deeply inspired by tech leaders who have dedicated their time to philanthropy.  He is always eager to learn from these individuals and to connect with like-minded tech leaders, CEOs, and change-makers to exchange ideas and collaborate on new initiatives. Shashank values spending quality time with his family, especially his two teenagers. Shashank’s dedication to his work, family, and community is inspiring, and his contributions to the world of data and AI are making a significant impact. He has been featured by Forbes, CDO Magazine, and many other forums globally for his leadership contributions in the data and AI space.