With 20 years of experience leading product design, development and strategy in Fortune 500 companies, Surbhi has built and led product and engineering teams at technology icons including Google, YouTube, Netflix, and Cisco. Over the last decade, she has launched multiple successful & insightful products, many of which encompass AI and machine learning expertise. Additionally, Surbhi led query disambiguation and speech recognition efforts on leading-edge Google Home and Google Assistant-enabled devices using Google Cloud ML models.

Currently, Surbhi is leading Juniper’s Customer Experience charter focused on incorporating Juniper’s Experience-First Networking initiatives into every aspect of the customer journey. She is focused on building omnichannel engagements and ML-based proactive and predictive support capabilities. Leveraging her EQ-based motivational leadership style, Surbhi is leading highly cross-functional initiatives enabling the digital transformation of both services and enterprise business.