Vini Jaiswal is a Developer Advocate at Databricks, who holds a Master of Science degree in Information Technology and Management from the University of Texas at Dallas. She has extensive experience in Apache Spark, ML, and Data engineering and built the Open Source project communities for projects like Delta Lake, and MLflow and has also contributed to projects like R, conda, H2O, pytorch etc. She worked with some of the greatest companies on the planet, including Unicorns, Digital Natives, Fortune 50s, and startups, to help advance in the field of data science and AI. She is the author of many technical publications on Data Science and Engineering appearing on Databricks, Linkedin, Delta Lake, O’Reilly, and similar platforms. As a part of her research, she also served as a technical advisor for DS4C (Data Science for Covid-19), a non-profit organization founded by data analysts and machine learning researchers (PhDs) to contribute to fighting COVID-19.  She has been honored with multiple recognitions during her career which includes Engatica’s 30 Most inspiring Women in AI 2022,  Rivery’s “top 2021 Influencer” Data Science and Analytics, and Citigroup’s “Cloud Tech innovation awardee 2014”.