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Recent Forrester research shows that the benefit of AI in testing is to augment tester’s intelligence to improve and speed up testing. Not to “automate” testers out of their job. On the other hand, AI infused applications made of automatic (traditional) sw and autonomous (models) sw can leverage consolidated testing practices and tools to support enterprises in automating testing for their AI Infused applications. But testing for the unknown is the hard bit. Featured speaker, Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst Diego Lo Giudice will present his recent and ongoing research outcomes on both AI in testing and testing AI. In this presentation you will hear about:
1.       The Path To Autonomous Testing Goes Through Testers Augmentation
2.       AI Infused Applications (AIIA) need more and better testing, why ?
3.       How Can We Better Test AIIA ?
4.       Testing the unknown is largely unknown.

Associated Speakers:

Diego Lo Giudice

Vice President & Principal Analyst

Forrester Research on behalf of Applause

Associated Talks:

11:30AM - Day 2

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