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If you had to describe the Machine Learning process in 5 steps, from research to customer, what would they be? This is a question I often ask candidates interviewing for the Zappos Data Science team. My hope is that one of them will be able to tell me, so I can stop trying to figure it out myself. There used to be a time when we didn’t have enough data but we had ideas. Today we not only have the data, but we also have the ideas implemented as models. The real challenge now is to put those models into production. In today’s talk we will go over the Dos and Donts of deploying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions at scale and bridging the gap between research and production environments.

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Ameen Kazerouni

Lead Data Scientist

Zappos Family of Companies

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11:00AM - Day 2

View Machine Learning in Production: From Research to the Customer

12:15PM - Day 2

View Panel: AI in retail and ecommerce.

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