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The Vancouver Police Department is known worldwide for its pioneering work in the field of intelligence-led policing, and is the first police service in Canada to deploy a machine-learning, predictive system directly on police mobile computers.  With a focus on high-end analytics, combined with competitive technology, the Department has achieved stunning results in reducing crime rates.

Key to this success is the use of ‘big data’ repositories that are required for deep learning and are the foundation of advanced crime forecasting technology. However, big data pose significant challenges to law enforcement, both in acquiring, storing and accessing decades of data, but also ensuring that the data is free of biases and prejudices, which could predispose forecasting outcomes.

Following the implementation of predictive technology and the consequent deployment of resources based on the forecasting, has helped to reverse skyrocketing residential burglaries. What sets this deployment apart from previous examples of predictive policing, is the way in which the technology was used, with the application of innovative policing practices in combination with advanced evaluative methodology to help guard against over-policing in ethnically and socio-economically diverse neighbourhoods.

Associated Speakers:

Ryan Prox

S/Constable in Charge, Crime Analytics Advisory & Development Unit (CAADU)

Vancouver Police Department

Associated Talks:

01:00PM - Day 2

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