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Artificial intelligence is not purely “artificial.” The ideal approach amplifies human intuition with machine intelligence to create a powerful multiplier effect. That’s augmented intelligence. In this session, Elif will talk about the wonder of how human brains works. She will use analogies between how the brain processes information and data analytics. She will cover the recent product innovations that combines the power of Associative Indexing technology with Cognitive capabilities, enabling 3rd generation business intelligence technologies.

Please join the session to hear about Associative Indexing (x) Augmented Intelligence = AI2, the recent technology innovations leading exponentially more brainpower for users and where AI is making its way into business intelligence and what that might enable for businesses.

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Elif Tutuk

Director of Qlik Research


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03:00PM - Day 1

View 3rd Gen BI and Analytics: How Business Intelligence is evolving with AI

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