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Bin Mu, the Head of Data and Analytics of Brighthouse Financial, will share the journey and experience of the transformation to Big Data Analytics in a Brighthouse Financial, which just separated from Metlife in 2017.

Brighthouse Financial is in the process of separating from Metlife’s systems and environments.  We are setting up our research environment and implementing Big Data analytics, which include transition into 100% open source analytics tools (Python/PySpark), and developing the integrated data environment with SAP HANA and BDS.  This transformation includes not only setting up the Hadoop ecosystem, integrating with SAP HANA enterprise system, but also transition of the skillset of the Data and Analytics team.

Associated Speakers:

Bin Mu

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Brighthouse Financial

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02:15PM - Day 2

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03:45PM - Day 2

View Panel: The Revolutionising of Customer Experiences through AI

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