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We are now more than a decade into the commercialization of “big data” and “data science,” but these technologies have yet to meet the needs of the businesses whose work exists outside the data center. The commodity stack of big data technologies are fundamentally flawed for use in the rising tide of data streaming from connected machines in industrial settings. There are many reasons for this, as challenges abound when embedding machine intelligence into a production industrial lifecycle. Perhaps the most challenging, however, is understanding how intelligent software systems will support normal business operations and what real benefits they will provide. In this talk I will present the concept of the “golden braid” of industrial machine intelligence: blending massive data, advanced machine intelligence, and human expertise. This approach enables both the human experts and the algorithms to leverage their comparative strengths. To support this, I will provide a case study demonstrating how I have done this in practice.

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Gavin Cowie

Director of Engineering


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11:40AM - Day 1

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