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This session focusses on the practical application of AI in the delivery of primary healthcare in India. One of the most plaguing issues in India is the state of the healthcare ecosystem. With less than 1 specialist doctor for more than 5000 people, large portions of India’s rural and semi-urban areas remain under-served by India’s doctors and healthcare professionals.

In India 80% of health professionals today serve 20% of geography and it is estimated that the country will be short by at least a million doctors by 2030. A weak primary and secondary care system such as this adds to escalating tertiary care costs, as there is hardly any focus on preventive care and early diagnosis.

Without technological intervention, it is very unlikely that India will be able to solve its healthcare delivery challenges.

See how mfine, an on-demand healthcare startup from Bangalore, India is working on transforming the way primary and secondary care is delivered in the country. mfine is using the power of mobile, increasingly health-conscious Indian consumers and Artificial intelligence deployed at scale – to enable on-demand access to medical care. mfine is also the perfect example of how the power of a virtual doctor aimed at episodic, long-term care and preventive care at the hands of every Indian, is how AI is being practically applied in Indian Healthcare Sector.

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Ajit Narayanan

Chief Technology Officer


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10:45AM - Day 2

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