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Data is a constantly evolving asset, and unlike other assets it may be both appreciating and depreciating simultaneously. A key step towards recognizing the evolving nature of this evolving and ever-changing asset is to realize that the enterprise that generates this asset is also ever-changing and growing.

A successful data monetization strategy requires a well-thought out approach that focuses on the revenue generating and impact generating opportunities that are consistent with an enterprise’s overall strategy.

There are two primary avenues to data monetization. The first focuses on leveraging data to improve a company’s internal operations, productivity, products , end customer interactions and services. The second involves identifying new revenue opportunities (products, markets, customer segments) and/or making data available to customers and partners.

Associated Speakers:

Meenal Iyer

Director, Enterprise Analytics and Reporting Platforms


Associated Talks:

12:00PM - Day 2

View Blueprint for a successful Data Monetization Strategy

10:20AM - Day 2

View Keynote Panel: Creating a data-driven culture

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