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Data sciences innovation is flourishing around the world, but how do we harness that innovation to transform the healthcare industry? How do entrepreneurs, academics, and the healthcare industry work together to help take products and technologies from concept to commercialization, and ultimately, impact the lives of millions worldwide? Both industry and entrepreneurs benefit from partnerships, but they can often be challenging to build and maintain, particularly in novel technology areas such as AI which have not yet fully established trust in their value.  At Johnson & Johnson Innovation, we build relationships and create customized collaborations with regional entrepreneurs, universities and institutes developing early- to mid-stage innovations across Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Consumer Health sectors. I will discuss some of the unique challenges related to data sciences and AI on both sides of the partnering equation, and suggest approaches which facilitate partnering to accelerate the impact of this technology in healthcare.

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Bevan Emma Huang

Director of Data Sciences External Innovation

Johnson & Johnson

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02:40PM - Day 1

View Approaches to partnering for data sciences in healthcare

10:30AM - Day 1

View Keynote Panel: AI for Social good

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