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  • In today’s world anyone can create any data from anywhere on any device. While this is going to grow even further with more and more business strategy shifts and technology sophistication, we are left with no choice other than to deal with lots and lots of data.
  • Traditionally we have been forced to use big data platforms, analytics but does that really help? Are the leadership able to trust their own data within their organization? Are the data engineers able to steer and proactively manage their data platforms? Are the data scientist who are supposed to build models and refining algorithms able to focus just on those objectives?
  • Or are we just mindlessly  building data lakes and clusters with the hope one day we will make some sense of the data we have. This topic is for those who are brave enough to roll up their sleeves and willing to admit enough is enough, and try new approaches to solve the age old question of how to make sense of our own data?

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Raj Joseph

President & CEO


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