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Enterprise AI garners little attention in the media today, but it’s potential economic impact dwarfs that of all other areas or AI combined. And it’s surprising to many that leading edge innovations in Enterprise AI will emerge from the cruise industry.  A cruise company is a unique operation.  It comprises a set of semi-independent, floating, self-contained cities, each coupled to a full-spectrum onshore business operation.  Data are being collected everywhere and at all times, to improve all dimensions of the guest experience, and to make the operation run more effectively and more safely.

This presentation will describe how Enterprise AI is a different animal.  How it’s much broader, more complex, and fundamentally different from the more mature and narrower areas of AI (such as NLP or computer vision).  We will describe different approaches and skills needed to be successful in Enterprise AI, and how companies are beginning to apply these to high-impact business problems.  We will also talk about specific applications in the cruise industry, which cover such areas as pricing & revenue management, hotel operations, predictive maintenance & industrial IoT, social media tracking & inference, promotions optimization, supply chain & logistics, and beyond.

We will also discuss the skills and career pathways in Enterprise AI, and how to best gain entry into this emerging, world-changing discipline.

Associated Speakers:

Matthew Denesuk

SVP, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Royal Caribbean Cruises

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12:40PM - Day 1

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