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  • Agile and scrum methodologies are quickly becoming the dominant approach to tackle everything from software development to marketing collateral generation in many modern enterprises.
  • This presentation will provide a 5 minute introduction to key agile principles and then give concrete, real-life examples on how to make agile come to life in your AI organization.
  • We’ll cover the importance of cross-functional pods and effective communication, introduce patterns to dramatically accelerate time to value for AI projects big & small, and highlight best practices for increasing solution resiliency and adaptability.

Associated Speakers:

Bjorn Austraat

Head of AI Acceleration


Associated Talks:

11:50AM - Day 1

View Presentation: Enough Science Experiments! Pragmatic Tips from the Real World for Turning AI Ideas into Enterprise Value

02:30PM - Day 1

View Is Agile AI a Myth? Three ways to pull off design and agile thinking in your AI project

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