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AI is revolutionizing the way organizations work, challenging industries to rethink business models and providing the means for companies to embrace data-driven decision-making like never before. However, getting started with AI isn’t easy. No matter how sophisticated your machine-learning algorithms, they’re only as good as the data that feeds them.

Success depends on an organization’s ability to apply an architected multicloud model and approach to how it accelerates toward AI through mastering four levels: collecting data, organizing data, analyzing data with AI everywhere and infusing AI-driven business processes. It’s this type of model that has differentiated the successful from the struggling among AI early adopters.

During this session, get a behind-the-scenes look at how companies are leveraging open source, managing the full AI lifecycle, and the essential lessons they’ve learned along the way, all focused to help you on your journey to AI.

Associated Speakers:

Madhu Kochar

VP, Product Development, Cloud Pak for Data


Associated Talks:

09:50AM - Day 1

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