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Labeling training data is the bottleneck most NLP teams face today. Practitioners have long sought ways to automate this labor-intensive process.The key to unlocking transformative (e.g., 10x to 100x) speedup for NLP application development is to change the interface to labeling altogether– and move from manual labeling to programmatic labeling.Learn how to harness the power of programmatic labeling and weak supervision techniques for automating parts of the labeling process, and leverating a data-centric AI framework.  In this talk you will also learn about real-world NLP use cases from Fortune 500 companies that have made the transition from manual to programmatic labeling.

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Henry Ehrenberg


Snorkel AI

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10:45AM - Day 1

View Panel: Keeping it Ethical in AI

10:15AM - Day 1

View Keynote Presentation: Automated Data Labeling for NLP

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