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Stitch Fix’s business model, which combines the human touch of expert stylists with advanced data science, sets it apart from traditional retailers. This creates a data-rich feedback loop that helps Stitch Fix provide clients with a tailored service.  

AI enables Stitch Fix to capitalize on the 4.5B points of textual data clients have shared with them to personalize client experiences and drive the business forward. 

Generative AI complements Stitch Fix’s proven art and science approach, helping it automate time-consuming tasks and freeing up experts to focus on uniquely human activities. 

Stitch Fix has billions of unique data points in its systems today – this allows it to create/improve AI algorithms that strengthen personalization capabilities and inform many aspects of operations. 

Associated Speakers:

Jeff Cooper

Director of Data Science

Stitch Fix

Associated Talks:

05:10PM - Day 1

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