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  • Examining organisational and technical infrastructure and what this means for integrating analytics within your business and analytical delivery. 
  • Exploring strategies for connecting data management with business disciplines and building a data strategy that works at all levels of business. 
  • Breaking down silos: Integrating projects and solutions across internal business disciplines. 
  • Balancing complexity with operationalisation – Simple and elegant can be your friend. 
  • Examining the importance of creating tools, systems and models that have a holistic view of the business. 
  • Empowering leadership from the top and ensuring reporting structures for CDOs and CAOs can drive real organisational change. 

Associated Speakers:

Meenal Iyer

Sr. Director, Enterprise Analytics and Data

Tailored Brands

Associated Talks:

03:15PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Fueling an Analytics-Driven Culture Across the Enterprise

12:45PM - Day 1

View Panel Discussion: Operationalising Analytics – Essential Elements for a Successful Analytical Environment

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