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  • One of the critical trends that is impacting customer experience is driving personalization and relevancy in various customer touch points. Customer expectation is being reset everyday thanks to ultra-personalized experiences driven by Google, Facebook and now even some FinTechs.
  • There is a constant hunt for ‘better data’ that can enhance our understanding of the customer preferences. Payments, in addition to being a means of closing commerce transactions, is in fact, a very rich source of data. Especially for credit and debit cards (which enjoy extremely high usage in North America), every single transactions comes with rich metadata (point of sale device, use of mobile wallets, merchant categories, location, etc.). This spend data provides unique insights into customer preferences and trends and can be transformed into actionable personas. Merchants and Financial Institutions can leverage this data to build personalized digital customer experiences that can delight the customer translating into high customer value.
  • This talk goes over the structure on how we should look at the digital customer experience stack and how payments data & analytics layer can enhance the customer experience.

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Abhishek Joshi

Senior Director, Analytics


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