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Building ML solutions from scratch is hard, requires expert knowledge and lots of low-level code. New declarative ML platforms — pioneered at Uber, Apple and Meta— enable engineers and data scientists to easily build ML-powered applications in just a few lines of code with a simple configuration file.

In this talk, Piero Molino, creator of open-source Ludwig and founder of Predibase, will share how you can use declarative ML frameworks to rapidly build and deploy end-to-end ML pipelines in minutes. He’ll also share how declarative ML can be used to build your own GPT-like application with privately hosted and customized LLMs.

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Piero Molino

Cofounder and CEO/ Creator of open-source

Predibase/ Ludwig.ai 

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03:10PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Accelerating AI Development with Large Language Models and Declarative Machine Learning

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