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For decades, businesses have aspired to be ‘data-driven’. What does being ‘data-driven’ really mean? Surely it’s got to mean more than everyone staring at dashboards…more than everyone having access to the latest release of Microsoft Excel…more than everyone in an organization being able to query data… more than an organization spinning up a modern data stack. Even if all of the above were true, it begs the question ‘So what?’

That’s the problem with chasing ‘data-drivenness’ – it sort of means nothing. We contend that businesses must focus on synchronizing their business processes with data and have a clear objective to pursue -minimizing the delay between when the data suggests an opportunity to optimize and when the business is able to act on the same. At one extreme, we have recommendation engines and online ad serving systems that operate at near real-time – given the characteristics of the situation, these algorithms serve up content that optimizes revenue for the business.

We also note how traditionally brick-and-mortar big box retailers have been forced to rethink the timescales at which they fulfill inventory or run promotions in response to the speed at which large, fully online retailers are able to operate. What is happening is a sweeping trend to get business processes to move at the speed at which data intensive algorithms generate new insights. In this webinar, we discuss a blueprint for businesses to evolve to data-synchronized organizations using a modern data stack. We will explain why we view this transformation as one that’s readily accessible to organizations of all sizes, due to recent advances in analytical compute and storage, emergence of intuitive products coupled with the affordable economics of SaaS. We will cover how Sigma’s Workbooks are the center of driving this transformation in businesses across industry verticals.

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Jayanth Mysore

VP Product


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