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    Day 2


Most organizations recognize the importance of trusting their data. After all, you want to feel confident that your data is accurate, high-quality, and can be used to drive positive business decisions. So what can you do to gain that trust? At MANTA, we’re ready to show you.

During this presentation, Joe Chmielewski, Team Lead, Solutions Engineer at MANTA, will break down why data lineage is the key to gaining trust in your data. In just 20 minutes, he will:

  • Explain what data lineage is and why you need it

  • Demonstrate how data lineage enables trust in data assets

  • Highlight key data lineage use cases

  • Perform a live demo of MANTA’s automated data lineage platform

Associated Speakers:

Joe Chmielewski

Team Lead, Solutions Engineer


Associated Talks:

12:50PM - Day 2

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