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AI vector search has become ubiquitous in modern AI applications. It can be utilized in search engines to enhance result quality, in recommendation systems for personalized content delivery, in chat assistants to facilitate context-aware interactions, and social media for sentiment analysis.

With Oracle Database 23ai, enterprises can harness the power of AI Vector Search directly within their business database to build cutting-edge generative AI applications without sacrificing security, data integrity, consistency, or performance.

This session explores how enterprises can leverage Oracle’s converged database, including JSON, graph, text, spatial, relational, and vector, to derive powerful insights from their data with a single query.

Discover how developers and administrators can quickly learn the capabilities of AI Vector Search within Oracle Database 23ai in less than 30 minutes.

Associated Speakers:

Aurosish Mishra

Senior Director of Development


Associated Talks:

05:05PM - Day 1

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