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As the marketplace of IoT devices and platforms grow, it is key to use not only the right platform for your business, but also one that allows true process integration and automation for optimization. Samuel Chang, corporate vice president, LG Electronics, will walk attendees through the myriad of ways the company is leading the charge in this field.

LG is working on both cloud-based and on-premise AI to improve its products and features when it comes to improving reliability as well as focusing on pro-active technology to detect, notify, and service our appliances and products to end-consumers. For example, through LG ThinQ, the company’s brand for products and services incorporating advanced AI technologies, the company pursues its three pillars – “Evolve, Connect, Open.” These tenets outline LG’s easy to use, proactive products and services to enjoy a connected experience through a personalized and efficient AI experience for users with diverse needs and tech preferences in their homes.

Based on its ‘open’ approach, LG is progressing toward incorporating IoT technology throughout the entire journey, including the product design/concept, launch of new helpful tools and proactive updates using OTA. LG is working with world class cloud partners from Amazon (AWS), Google, and Microsoft and in-house development to develop, customize, and operate our IoT platforms.

Through this interactive and informational session, interested AI & Big Data Expo attendees will learn how partnering with the right platform for your business will enhance process integration and automation in the long run.

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Samuel Chang

Corporate Vice President

LG Electronics

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