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Up until a few years back, almost all software solutions were built with a rules-based programming approach.  Data-driven programming using AI/ML techniques were rare. Today, advances in ML algorithms, ever-increasing data sets, and hyper-scale cloud computing have made AI “superpowers” accessible to a wider range of businesses and budgets. Tomorrow, AI will be the mainstay for solving a whole class of business problems, for which traditional rules-based programming will be ineffective.

  • How do we cope with this rapid disruption and stay ahead of the game?
  • How do we demystify and democratize AI?
  • How do we achieve an AI-led transformation across the enterprise?

Join me in this session to hear about Quantiphi’s experiences and best practices to achieve scale in Enterprise AI, answering the above questions.

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Rajesh V. Surya

Applied AI and Data Solutions Head, US West


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03:40PM - Day 1

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