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At Stitch Fix, we pride ourselves on minimizing the hand-off between engineers and data scientists. Our models and data products are more accurate and yield better results if our data scientists own the data, ETL, and derived products. Moreover, this strategy empowers data scientists to own the story of their products.

To support these “full-stack” data scientists we must provide the tooling and platforms such that they can focus on the science and data instead of the technical details of the underlying systems. This talk will outline the strategies that we have employed at Stitch Fix to enable self-service data science and analytics. We will also look at some of the open-source tools that we’ve used, and some we’ve built ourselves, to solve this complicated problem.

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Ada Draginda

Senior Data Engineer

Stitch Fix

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02:30PM - Day 1

View Designing a self-service platform to support data science and analytics.

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