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Making AI auditable and explainable in the real world is hard but not impossible.  We’ll show you how to make AI auditable today and get you ready to embrace the latest breakthroughs in explainable AI tomorrow.
With algorithms making more and more decisions in our lives, from who gets a job, to who gets hired and fired, and even who goes to jail, it’s more critical than ever to get our intelligent systems talking to us so people can step in when things go wrong.

In the coming decade, organizations will face incredible pressure from regulators and the general public and that means every team needs a plan in place to find and fix mistakes fast or risk a PR nightmare and face financial consequences.

But you don’t have to wait until it’s too late, you can make your AI/ML systems auditable and transparent right now with a combination of new technologies and infrastructure specifically designed for audibility and a few classic IT techniques your team already knows and knows well

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Nick Harvey

Lead Developer Advocate


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