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Today, data lakes are widely used and have become extremely affordable as data volumes have grown. However, they are only meant for storage and by themselves provide no direct value. With up to 80% of data stored in the data lake today, how do you unlock the value of the data lake? The value lies in the compute engine that runs on top of a data lake.

During this session, Ahana Product Manager Rohan Pednekar will discuss how to unlock the value of your data lake with the emerging Open Data Lakehouse architecture and why Presto, the open source SQL query engine, is critical to this approach. Finally, he will show why Ahana Cloud is the easiest way to deploy and run Presto on AWS S3.

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Rohan Pednekar

Product Manager


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02:20PM - Day 2

View VIRTUAL PRESENTATION: Presto for Your Data Lakehouse

02:20PM - Day 2

View Presentation: Presto for Your Data Lakehouse

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