Day 2

29 November 2018

AI and the Consumer

Gartner predict that by 2020 – 85% of customer interactions will not be managed by humans. Customers now have a wealth of information at their fingertips and can easily compare price, quality and service so how can brands stand out from the crowd and really engage with their customers? From using chatbots to communicate to using AI to predict behaviours and buying patterns, to recommendations and personalisation, this session will look at how AI is changing the customer experience.


AI and the Consumer: Chair’s welcome and opening comments


Opening Presentation: AI for the consumer market


Keynote: The future of AI for customer experience

• Explore how AI is being used to accelerate customer-centric experience design
• Practical applications to leverage AI
• How big data and contextual computing is influencing the consumer
• A look at the next generation of consumer analytics
• Using computer vision and natural language processing to enhance customer experience
• How does GDPR effect things?


Keynote panel: Brands and bots – the next generation.


Networking Break


AI in action

• Real use case studies of brands using AI to drive growth and engage with their customers.
• A look at best practise and common pitfalls to avoid.


How to Engage in a Voice-Driven World

• How are brands using voice?
• Opportunities and challenges that using voice interfaces presents.


Panel: AI in retail and ecommerce.

• How are retailers using AI? A look at applications for delivery, payments, CRM, product content management.
• Using AI to deliver outstanding customer service and customer retention
• Customer recommendations


Networking Lunch


Afternoon Keynote: Digital Assistants and Their Relationship with the Consumer

• What does the advent of digital intelligent assistants mean for businesses and consumers?
• How are artificial intelligence and machine learning programmes being used in everyday consumer products
• Building consumer trust in AI in areas such as financial planning, education and medical diagnosis
• What are the privacy issues surrounding the use of intelligent assistants & how do we protect data


AI changing the way we travel

• Using new breeds of machine learning algorithms to predict journeys
• Facilitating personalized and frictionless travel experiences
• Maximising conversion rates
• Finding the balance between human interaction and efficient automation


Networking Break


Panel: The Revolutionising of Customer Experiences through AI

• The impact of AI and understanding when AI is most effective as a tool for customer service
• Why smart tech are key to creating contextual experiences
• Using AI to predict consumers intentions
• Effective personalisation of communications to create positive impacts
• What’s the most effective way of engaging staff and help them work along-side AI?
• What are the cost implications both short and long-term?


AI and the new wave of marketing

• How can AI and ML can create truly 1:1 marketing experiences, and help lower costs, and man hours whilst bridging the gap between data and personalised customer experiences


Session Close

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