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28 November 2018

AI in Enterprise

Gartner predict that by 2021, 40% of new enterprise applications will include AI Technologies. AI and Machine Learning promise to solve a plethora of problems faced by enterprises today, from better decision making to increased efficiencies and cost savings, there seems to be an algorithm to solve it all. This session cuts through the hype to look at real-life case studies to see how AI is being applied by leading organisations.


AI in the Enterprise: Chair’s Welcome


Keynote: AI Powered Business Intelligence

  • Using AI to create new business value
  • The benefits of adopting BI analysis to support both strategic and tactical decision-making process
  • Building a data science and analytics culture and an AI first strategy


Keynote Panel: The application of Deep Learning within an Enterprise

  • How are large companies deploying machine learning & data
  • Is your organisation ready for machine learning?
  • How will AI redefine management strategies & make your business smarter
  • The benefit of dedication of administration duties to AI


Networking Break


How to Avoid Big Data Discrimination

  • Technology has had and can continue to have a disparate impact on protected groups.
  • There are a number of laws that can be violated when a company’s use of data has a disparate impact.
  • Regardless of whether the government is likely to open an investigation, avoiding big data discrimination is good for business.
  • There are a number of ways that businesses can avoid having a disparate impact.


AI challenges in the Enterprise. Neuromation case study, from synthetic data to computational capacity


Panel: Building an AI strategy for Enterprise

  • Leveraging bots and other AI for business support and growth
  • The latest updates and use cases in enterprise workflows
  • Learnings and strategies throughout the enterprise
  • Selection & appointment of your tech platform
  • Real use cases from the industry


Networking Lunch


Afternoon Keynote: AI for IOT

Applications of ‘AI for IoT’ go well beyond the classic use cases of anomaly detection and predictive maintenance. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be applied to IoT sensor data to realize actionable business value such as: improve after-market services, reinforce good product usage practices, optimize supply chain and inventory, increase customer engagement, and gradually evolve businesses to product-as-a-service model. This discussion will explore real-life use cases on how IoT manufacturers are using AI/ML to derive meaningful insights from their connected product data.


Panel: Big Data – Creating Intelligent Data Models

  • The increased need for big data analytics to drive AI & Machine learning
  • How to successfully unlock unstructured data & transform into learnable features
  • The advancement of self-service big data tools & its benefit for your organisation


Build AI for Next Generation Cyber Security

  • AI’s Role in Next Gen Security
  • AI Use Cases and Applications in Cyber Security
  • The Art of Managing Certainties and Uncertainties
  • Opportunities and challenges in a dynamic defense game
  • Why AI and big data will help good people win
  • Knowing the limit


Networking Break


Digital Partnerships – Key to accelerating AI in an enterprise

Monsanto has been a deep rooted agriculture company for almost three decades now and have developed a culture of using analytics to increase agriculture productivity globally. Rise of high performance compute analytics enables a sector like agriculture to double down on agriculture productivity since it’s heavily dependent on accounting for multiple sources of variation – environmental, genetics, genomics, weather, location, geospatial components, transgenes etc. Being able to bring the dynamics of all these components together requires significant advances in data sciences from deep learning, machine learning to base statistics, genetics and data sciences collaboration at a global production scale.

At Monsanto, we see this as huge opportunity for digital partnerships with startups to large industry leaders to help accelerate ag productivity globally and drive product performance. In this talk, the I share the successes we have made so far in driving artificial intelligence in a legacy company. I will also share partnerships that Monsanto has embarked upon recently to accelerate in the AI space – from deep learning, machine learning to data sciences collaboration platform to fast forward the pace of innovation in agricultural analytics.


Using Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Real Value into Every Industry.

  • AI has yet to truly impact the real world. What needs to happen and when?
  • Think beyond Machine Learning to achieve faster, more accurate results.
  • Accelerating Data Science Projects through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to impact everything; potential that has yet to be realized. In this talk, I will address the maturity of AI as well as its current strengths and weaknesses. I will then dive deeper into the current challenges with AI implementations and prospective solutions, finally addressing what is needed to turn the promise AI field into real value across all industries.


Panel: AI for Social Good

  • How is AI being successfully applied to challenge problems
  • What are the potential uses of AI across various sectors that are essential for social good.
  • AI’s impact across Urban Computing, Health, Environmental Sustainability and Public Welfare



Session End

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