Day 1 - 22 September 2021


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Creating multi-objective models with ML

  • Details to follow…


AI at the edge

  • What to look for in an AI solution in 2021 
  • How processing at the edge can create more efficient decision making 


Combating fear of The Unknown – Building trust through explainability

  • What level of trust and autonomy should we give our AI systems? 
  • Providing explanations for decisions made by AI systems 
  • Overcoming hesitation to deploy AI-powered solutions 


Networking Break


Panel: Responsible delivery – the ethics of AI

  • What is AI bias, and is it fair? 
  • Discussing liability and security 
  • Who benefits from AI, and could it result in a decrease in human-human interaction and employment issues? 


AI solutions for secure e-commerce

  • Leverage your data whilst limiting your risk exposure 
  • Use NLP to forecast market movements 
  • AI for auditing and strategy 


Combating coronavirus with AI

  • Understanding the role that AI technologies play in Covid-19 crisis response 
  • Examining the impact of collaboration on a global scale 
  • Accelerating capabilities through detection, prevention, response & recovery 


Networking Break


Panel: Built to scale – Ramping up AI projects

  • How to move your project from “experimentation” to “live”  
  • R&D budget signoff – understanding why you need AI 
  • Turning AI into ROI – what does value mean to your business? 
  • Top tips for moving your pilot to the next stage 


The next wave: Self-healing AI

  • Examining AI-based prevention and how it can enable quick diagnosis & rectification of problems  
  • How software impacts value in your digital transformation efforts 
  • Defining a self-healing enterprise 


Augmenting capacity through collaboration

  • How utilising different resources can help progress your projects 
  • How companies work with universities to maximise project success 


End of Day One

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Day 2

Topics include: Machine Learning | Retail | Finance | security | Bias | ROI | Data analytics