Day 1 - 29 September 2021



Panel: Built to scale – Ramping up AI projects

  • How to move your project from “experimentation” to “live”  
  • R&D budget signoff – understanding why you need AI 
  • Turning AI into ROI – what does value mean to your business? 
  • Top tips for moving your pilot to the next stage 



Achieving speed and scalability with your data

  • Tackling the challenge of scaling despite the fact that most companies’ data remains unused 
  • Mitigating risk in transformation projects 
  • Delivering business-ready data that is compliance and governance ready 



Peter Henstock

Machine Learning & AI Technical Lead


Associated Talks:

10:40AM - Day 1

View Getting pharma on board with AI

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Getting pharma on board with AI

  • Details to follow…
. Peter Henstock, Machine Learning & AI Technical Lead, Pfizer



Panel: Responsible delivery – the ethics of AI

  • What is AI bias, and is it fair? 
  • Discussing liability and security 
  • Who benefits from AI, and could it result in a decrease in human-human interaction and employment issues? 



Combating fear of The Unknown – Building trust through explainability

  • What level of trust and autonomy should we give our AI systems? 
  • Providing explanations for decisions made by AI systems 
  • Overcoming hesitation to deploy AI-powered solutions 



AI solutions for secure e-commerce

  • Leverage your data whilst limiting your risk exposure 
  • Use NLP to forecast market movements 
  • AI for auditing and strategy 



Rama Ravindranathan

Sr. Director of Technology Strategy

UnitedHealth Group

Associated Talks:

01:00PM - Day 2

View Panel: Making sense of your data

12:20PM - Day 1

View Nutrition Intervention for Chronic Conditions (NICC)

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Nutrition Intervention for Chronic Conditions (NICC)

  • Do you know of any chronic conditioned patients with certain personal, religious and cultural beliefs struggling to keep up with food intake, while going through their harsh treatment regimen? 
  • AI’s play in solving for the $15.5 Billion problem [Spent annually towards treating disease related malnourishment conditions] 
. Rama Ravindranathan, Sr. Director of Technology Strategy, UnitedHealth Group



Creating an Architecture for Analytics and AI

  • Discussing the ecosystem of data warehouses/lakes/the cloud, what is needed to build an effective analytics environment.   
  • How do you build the right architecture to handle the new analytics landscape whilst remaining agile and adaptive?    
  • Do you have access and control of the data you need?



Panel: The ones to watch – AI for the future

  • What are the best things to happen in the artificial intelligence arena in the last 18 months, and where is the future of the industry headed? 
  • How are start-ups approaching new and evolved threat models, and how can they ensure they can keep up with a constant new set of challenges? 
  • How are organisations developing creative solutions? 



The Modern Data Pipeline

  • How your data pipeline can help you decisively solve some of your biggest challenges  
  • Delivering quicker insights and decision making.  
  • Data pipeline frameworks  
  • Building resilient and scalable pipelines 



AI solution presentation

  • To follow soon…



How to Engage in a Voice-Driven World

  • How are brands using voice? 
  • Opportunities and challenges that using voice interfaces presents. 


End of Day One