Day 1 - 17 May 2023

09:45 AM


Applied Digital, Data & AI: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks.



Presentation: Enterprise Adoption of AI – A Digital Journey

  •  How to move your project from “experimentation” to “live”.
  •  Turning AI into ROI – understanding why you need AI.
  •  Top tips for moving your pilot to the next stage.



Keynote Presentation: Embracing AI to Drive Digital Transformation

  • Discussing how AI is creating significant value across industries.
  • How does AI serve to benefit both small and medium business, as well as large enterprises?
  • What are the implications of ethical AI when trying to digitalise services?
  • A future focus, what are the next steps for AI led digital transformation?



Presentation: Building Trust Through Explainability for AI and Digital Transformation

  • How to build AI systems collaboratively.
  • The five stages of explaining AI in practice.
  • Overcoming hesitation to deploy AI-powered solutions.


Networking Break



Panel: Building an Augmented Workforce

  • The rapid rollout of the augmented workforce due to labour shortages – what does this currently look like across enterprises?  
  • Aiding employees’ skills and capabilities with AI, ML and intelligent automation to help build a digitally enabled and efficient workforce.   
  • Discussing the idea that an augmented workforce can boost employee satisfaction due to automation of repetitive tasks and more time for innovation.  
  • It takes two – tackling the idea that humans are being replaced by technologies.  



Presentation: Learning like Humans through Reinforcement Learning

Delving into how decision-making and reward-based training is being used to train AI models in the same way humans learn through trial-and-error.



Presentation: Low-code and No-code Technologies – Closing the Skills Gap

  •  As low-code and no-code technologies can be quickly rolled out, why haven’t these been adopted sooner?
  •  Closing the AI skills gap – where to start?
  •  While these technologies create a quick fix, are they a long-term solution?



Presentation: The Rise of AIOps

  •  Looking at how to truly embed AI into internal processes to enhance the teams’ capabilities, not disrupt the workflow – the rise of AIOps
  •  Giving employees the training and tools they need to be developers, not just users.
  •  Fitting technology to the solution, not the other way around.


Networking Break & Lunch



Presentation: The Optimum Automation – Hyperautomation

  • Saving time and resources by automating repetitive, information heavy processes.
  • Starting, stopping and altering automation in real-time – how AI automation keeps optimising throughout the chain.
  • Automating with improved accuracy, speed and reliability.




Presentation: Streamlining and Simplifying with Intelligent Automation

  •  The new capabilities of RPA and AI combined for complex business tasks.
  •  How do you ensure information exchange is consistently accurate?
  •  What IA looks like across industries.
  •  As many view IA as the future of work, how quickly will this come into play on a mass scale?


Networking Break



Panel: Talking Digitally with NLP

  • The current work within the NLP (Natural Language Processing) landscape – examples of real-life use-cases.  
  • What industries could benefit from utilising NLP capabilities?  
  • The next steps and progressions that are needed to break barriers.



Presentation: Evolving the Enterprise with Language Modelling

  •  How language modelling is enhancing workforce and service capabilities, as well as increased data literacy.
  •  What are the challenges that need to be considered here?
  •  Accelerating processes with deep learning and neural networks – looking at the expansion of deep learning at scale across complex tasks.



Presentation: NLP Enabling Enhanced Services

Looking at NLP (Natural Language Processing) progressions like OpenAI for enhanced user experiences and automated responses.