Day 2 - 18 May 2023



Transformational AI: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks.



Animesh Singh

Executive Director, AI and Machine Learning Platform


Associated Talks:

10:15AM - Day 2

View Presentation: Scaling Machine Learning Platforms in the age of Generative Models

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Presentation: Scaling Machine Learning Platforms in the age of Generative Models

Generative AI has become one of the most exciting and rapidly growing areas of machine learning. As the demand for more sophisticated models increases, it is becoming increasingly important to develop robust and scalable platforms for training and deploying these models. In this session, we will explore various strategies for scaling ML platforms to support foundation models, including distributed training techniques like model parallelism, cloud based solution and model compression techniques. I will also discuss the challenges and limitations of these approaches, as well as best practices for implementing them in real-world scenarios.

. Animesh Singh, Executive Director, AI and Machine Learning Platform, LinkedIn



Keynote Presentation: AI, the Current Market and Future Progressions

  •  What are the best developments and current breakthroughs in AI this year?
  •  How are start-ups and enterprises approaching a new and evolved set of challenges?
  •  Where is the future of the industry heading?



Presentation: Leveraging Generative AI

Understanding the world of Generative AI and how this can be used across industries to generate images, text, music and more. 


Networking Break



Panel: The Future of AI Enabled Experiences

  • AI enabled immersive experiences, what do these look like?   
  • Personalisation – how to capitalise on this key feature. 
  • Discussing the importance of consistency, reliability, and ease of use for customer retention. 
  • Combining AI and other disruptive technologies to create new services e.g. data for hyper-personalization and ML within the Metaverse. 



Presentation: The Evolving World of AI, ML and Deep Learning

  •  The impact of deep learning and its evolution into ‘deep reasoning’ for cognitive tasks.
  •  Unsupervised learning, the next frontier for deep learning.
  •  As models become more efficient, AI software will have more free time to innovate.



Presentation: Quantum AI, The Next Frontier

  • A closer look at Quantum AI, how is the current market looking?
  • Evolving algorithms to optimise learning and understanding.
  • Solving real-world problems by applying real data to better trained ML models.


Networking Break & Lunch



Presentation: Innovation slot 1

10-minute innovation slot



Presentation: Innovation slot 2

10-minute innovation slot



Presentation: Innovation slot 3

10-minute innovation slot



Presentation: A Customised Retail Experience – AI Personalisation

With consumer demands for a better and more personalised service now a necessity, here we will look at the capabilities of AI enabled personalisation including:

  • Improving customer experiences with easy-to-use services and interactions.
  • Capturing consumers attention through categorisation and ‘personalised’ messaging.
  • The ability to meet growing demand.


End of Day