Day 2 - 18 March 2021



Errol Koolmeister

Head of AI Engineering


Associated Talks:

09:30AM - Day 2

View Advanced AI capabilities at H&M group

11:30AM - Day 1

View Live Panel: Getting the most from your data

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Advanced AI capabilities at H&M group

  • H&M will present how they are working towards becoming an industry leader in Advanced Analytics and AI, giving them a competitive advantage through superior customer experience, smart decision making, and efficient processes.
  • They have spent the last few years going from limited and scattered efforts to a centralized department with more than 120 people delivering value with AI on a daily basis.
  • Gain insights into key learnings and knowledge on how they are transforming a 70+ year old company.

Pre-recorded Presentation

. Errol Koolmeister, Head of AI Engineering, H&M



Conversational AI

  • Redefining the customer experience with chatbots  
  • Providing personalisation at scale – best practices for user journey  
  • Becoming the autonomous digital enterprise  

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Making data the foundation of machine learning

  • To follow soon…

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Making the most of your data with a data fabric strategy

  • How traditional data integration is failing to hit business requirements 
  • How do data visualisation and virtualisation complement each other? 
  • Leveraging innovations for the Intelligent Enterprise  

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Asset management and AI

  • Leveraging the power of your existing DCS/SCADA systems 
  • Tracking maintenance and inspections automatically 
  • Decisions in the age of AI 

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