Salesforce aims to democratise data science with Einstein Analytics launch

By: Sophie Weaver

30, June, 2017


Artificial Intelligence - Featured -

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Salesforce has launched Salesforce Einstein Analytics, a product which aims to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to help improve customer service and optimise marketing campaigns.

The product is powered by AI and aims to advance the experiences of the entire analytics workflow and provide better CRM insights and recommendations for leveraging sales.

Einstein Analytics comprises a collection of self-service analytics apps that allow data exploration in varied forms from simple sales pipeline dashboard to the most advanced complex forecasting decision. The new AI-powered Einstein Discovery enables automatic analysis of billions of data combinations to provide predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations.

Einstein Analytics apps come with pre-configured role-specific KPIs built in Salesforce that enables executives to uncover insights, collaborate and instantly make decisions from any device.

Sales Analytics enables efficient management of forecasts, pipelines and team performance for sales reps and leaders. It aids in improving customer satisfaction, agent efficiency and channel optimisation in call centres. B2B Marketing Analytics provides gainful insights regarding engagement, pipeline and campaign performance. The Sales Analytics app can aid a sales manager in closing a deal by highlighting the top three factors that have the greatest impact across products, regions, industries and more by analysing thousands of deals with Einstein Discovery.

Einstein Discovery verifies for the validity of each of the trend through thousands of statistical checks and provides intelligent explanations for the identified patterns. It also provides guidance on the actions to take and provides auto-generated slide presentations having visualisations. Besides, Einstein Discovery also facilitates access to the complete model and algorithms behind the analysis so that the business analysts can understand how the predictions and recommendations were made.

Additionally, customers can also create/customise their own custom analytics apps on the Salesforce platform by using Trailhead, which is an interactive, guided and gamified learning platform having 12 online learning modules, to become an analytics trailblazer.