Dominate Your AI Strategy to Drive Better Marketing Outcome

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8, November, 2019


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The importance of AI for brand marketers is inarguable. Successful marketers are employing AI for improved decision making and real-time optimizations across media spend, dynamic content and personalized engagements. Spoiler alert: it’s working.

Gartner estimates that AI will provide enterprises with $3.923 trillion in business value by 2022, up from $692 billion in 2017.

With all that value to be had, you probably feel stuck behind the curve if your team has yet to adopt AI-supported capabilities. It’s never too late to take the leap, but you must be strategic and intentional in your approach.

The following overview illustrates how your marketing group can achieve lasting success through proper AI adoption.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Incremental Value is the Proof Point and the End Goal
  • Artificial Intelligence Is Critical to Future Marketing Success
  • Accelerate Your AI Adoption with Zeta Global

Incremental Value Is the Proof Point and the End Goal

You shouldn’t doubt the positive impact of AI in your marketing efforts, but you should highly scrutinize your implementation plan.

Brand marketers can’t just throw AI at business challenges. As Zeta CTO Christian Monberg says, “AI should be a strategy, not a solution.”

McKinsey & Company found that 43% of global professionals said that a lack of clear strategy was one of the most significant barriers their organizations faced in adopting AI.

If you’re willing to spend the resources on implementing AI into your MarTech stack, spend time first on integrating AI capabilities into your marketing strategy. Define tangible, addressable marketing challenges that AI can solve for.

Start small. Focus on one or two key metrics you want to impact, such as churn reduction or cross-selling. Make sure you can measure well. Define a run time and set your pilot against your standard process. Then compare the results.

It doesn’t have to be hard, and the results don’t have to be off the charts. You’re looking for incremental value that proves the AI you’ve just tested can lift performance against your current process.

Artificial Intelligence Is the Path to Persistent Personalization

Did you know 44% of consumers are willing to switch to brands that better personalize their marketing outreach?

If personalization is a curve, AI is the cornerstone for marketers to move through, ahead and beyond that curve. Without it, you simply can’t achieve the necessary scale required of the modern marketer.

Marketing success is more and more dependent on delivering engagements at a truly individualized, one-to-one level. The only way to successfully achieve and scale this modern standard is to implement AI for greater insights, automation and agility.

The right AI strategy mixed with the right data is the skeleton key to delivering valuable, personalized experiences at the point of maximum impact. Successful delivery of these experiences optimizes customer relationships and boosts lifetime value.

Accelerate Your AI Adoption with Zeta Global

Now that you know “how to do the AI,” your marketing team is golden, right? Almost! The final step is actually choosing which AI offering(s) you’d like to fold into your MarTech stack.

Be sure Zeta is on your list. Our constantly learning AI is embedded within the Zeta Marketing Platform. It can work in harmony with your first-party data and our massive, proprietary Data Cloud (with over 750 million permission-based identities).

You can harness high-fidelity signals of interest and intent and distill these into actionable insights tied to known individuals. From there, you can deliver valuable, truly personalized experiences to new and existing customers using the precision of our MarTech tools and scale of our AdTech capabilities. Our outcome-driven AI ensures you’re providing the best content in the moments that matter most.

We’d love to discuss your marketing pain points and strategies to see how we could help. We’ll help you with the strategy and empower you to use our AI to get a piece of that $3.923 Trillion in business value.